Daily Meditation

Today is Monday - Honor the Moon

Take a few deep breaths. Picture yourself outdoors, standing by a beautiful infinity pool. It is night time but the night sky is lit up with a magnificent full moon. The silver rays of the moon shine all around you and the waters of the infinity pool take on a silver blue glow.

As you stand by the pool, you see that there are steps leading down into the water. You dip a toe into the calm waters and you are pleasantly surprised by the warm temperature of the pool. You step into the pool and with each step down you feel the warm water lapping against your feet, your ankles, your calves… You continue stepping deeper into the silver blue water as it swirls around your thighs, your hips, your torso and your chest.

You stop for a moment to stand in the warmth of the healing waters and to admire the magnificence of the full moon shining down at you. The moon seems to be bigger and closer to the earth than you have ever seen it before and it’s energies are palpable. You sense that the water around you is providing healing through the sliver moon light and that your system is being balanced through the energies of the moon


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