Steve Machat shares his life lessons and latest initiatives


Life Lessons welcomes STEVEN MACHAT, RENOWNED ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY, sharing his life lessons and going back to community roots with his latest initiatives.

Steven Machat, American entertainment attorney and entrepreneur, is excited to announce his latest endeavors, being the founder of and starting The Wheel Party. Machat has worked in the entertainment industry with clients in the music industry including Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Spector, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, and more.

His book, Gods, Gangsters, and Honour, gained a lot of publicity and interest after it was released in the UK as it described the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the entertainment world and industry leaders. Working with top tier musicians and handling the backend of the glamorous lives we depict to be each and every day, Machat’s first-hand experience inspired him to embrace a political system that goes back to the roots of Man.

Machat created The Wheel Party in 2011 using his second book, Man, Community & Living the American Dream as a foundation – focusing on a non-political people movement whose goal is to bring America back in line with the principles of the United States Declaration of Independence. He lectures throughout numerous universities across Europe and aims to reinvent the political system and bring it back to its roots